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From the primitive times to the recent ones, alcohol is the most excessively used beverage of all times. It is produced on a large scale using various techniques of fermentation and brewing all over the world. And the brewing industries are still growing at a rapid pace. Certain regions in
Top 10 Most Popular Highly Paid Actress in Hollywood
If it’s for anyone who makes Hollywood movies worth watching, it is the gorgeous and super-hot Hollywood actresses. Their superb looks coupled with the magnificent acting skills drive their audience crazy in many parts of the world. Whether it’s the action adventure or the Sci-fi movies, these actresses are real
Media is known as the fifth pillar of any state, others being government, military, judiciary, and legislature. Free media represents the power of a state; it allows democracy to prevail and help people to raise their voice at every pedestal. It showcases the true picture of society. It is also
Top 10 Countries with Highest Population- Hit List
Population relates to the number of people residing in any country. The term population explosion is defined as the fast and dramatic rise in world population that has happened over the last few hundred years between 1959 to 2000. The world population increased from 2.5 billion to 6.1 billion people.According to few estimates, it
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Top 10 Countries with Nuclear Weapons & Atomic Powers
The nuclear weapons are devices that can eliminate the whole worldly species in seconds.As far as the as these destructive weapons are present the world’s safety is always at stake.If one country has these weapons, others will automatically feel unprotected or threatened so they will also strive to produce weapons
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List of Top 10 Countries with Most Rainfall in the World
Top 10 Coldest Countries in the World -Hit List
Top 10 Countries Most Vulnerable To Earthquakes -Hit List
Top 10 Worst Child Labor Countries with Highest Percentage
Top 10 Tallest Buildings in the World- Hit List
Top 10 Largest Natural Forests in the World- Hit List
Top 10 Countries with Highest Salaries in the World- Hit List
Top 10 Mobile Companies in the World- Best Selling Brands
Top 10 Tallest Buildings in the World- Hit List
We have stepped into an era where man is seen conquering every sphere of life with his potential and strong will. It seems like the whole world is redecorated with man’s innovations and inventions. Infrastructure and architecture is one form of his accomplishments where we see huge and tall skyscrapers
Top 10 Largest Natural Forests in the World- Hit List
The only way to incorporate all the basic elements for life back into the ecosystem are trees forming thick forests. These forests are the valuable assets of earth’s biosphere. They help in maintaining the weather patterns, rainfalls, floods control and keep fertility of soil intact. Forests are in fact pivotal to
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Top 10 Gold Producing Countries with Largest Gold Reserves in the World
Gold is one of the most precious metals in the world. It is a natural resource that is gifted by nature. Much of its amount is unevenly distributed in the world, and gold production varies widely among different nations. It has made these country’s economies to bloom. It is also considered as one of
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Top 10 World Largest Oil Producing Countries- Hit List
Oil is supposed to be one of the most valuable natural resources of any country. Despite being the most valuable commodity oil is also seen as the guarantee of country’s fortune. Now due to the immense increase in technology the extraction techniques have improved. It is expected that in near
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Top 10 Strongest Army in the World-Countries with Best Army
Today in this world of high technology and nuclear weapons the country’s influence and hegemony is the gauge by a number of military arms it possesses. Its military capabilities are a source of display of its huge power in the world. The army not only include the men force but also include its air
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